Cassava residue drying process


- Cassava flour after separation put into the tank via transfer system , in transit combined blend to dilute and to rape . Before inside the tank , the pulp is removed the fibrous components , exterior and impurities through a sorting grid layout terracotta surface reservoirs .
- Residue from the tank is moved through dewatering presses ( functioning as an empty juice ) . Here dewatered pulp residue humidity in 80-90 % to 58-62 % . The water will be run through a chute goes into recovery tanks , in tanks , sedimentation and crystalline starch .
-After dewatering , the pulp is conveyed to the drying area . A fill valve quantified in the first line for receiving pulp dryer . She was beaten and sprayed debris straight to the dryer .
- Pulp dryer is selected by drum drying moisture exchanger principle saved. Heat drying bins can give gas or diesel oil , moisture in bagasse is exchanged through the motions in drying bins and exiting the barrel pitch from 13-14 % . At the door, the dried product is transferred to an exhaust valve . The product is further brought into cooler , packed and moved to the warehouse .


    11/16/2015 3:06:10 PM
    Cassava starch used for the spacious industrial sector later .



    Increase the solids content in canned soups , ice cream , fruit preservatives , pharmaceutical…
    Mounting the product and prevent dry during cooking , such as sauces and preserved meat …
    Use high water retention of starch as used in creams , baking powder , ....
    Textile industry :
    Lake thread along to do only limited and chopped off the thread on the loom , ...
    Use in print dye on fabric : gelling dye substances act as chromophore .
    Lake finished fabrics to improve fabric strength and weight , ...
    Using features create consistency , used to print soups , baby food, Sauces , .....
    Paper industry :
    Increased durability , have folding waterproof paper .....
    Improvement of paper bonded and reliability .
    Use for the type of paper whirlpool , paper and carton Rolled the cardboard .
    Use as an adhesive in the industry :
    Gypsum ceiling board .
    Food livestock (feed for cattle , poultry , seafood, ... )

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